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Find 14p from a vast selection of UK Regional Issue Stamps. Get great deals on eBay! 14p charles and diana stamp value guide - Albany Stamps specialises in and supplies all types of GB philately with a choice of first day covers, presentation. Christmas. Through The Eyes of a Child 14p Stamp (1981) Jesus Christ Find great deals on eBay for 18p christmas stamps.

Shop with confidence. Gibraltar’s last overprinted stamp was released in 1991 when the 1987 Definitive Guns with the original value of £3 was overprinted with a £1. 05 value. Due to the fact that new postal rates are being introduced in Gibraltar with the latest Christmas stamps, the Post Office required two additional values, a 14p and 28p.

A first-class stamp will cost 60p from 30 April, but is this price hike in line with inflation? Stamps. Christmas 1988 14p Stamp (1988) Journey to Bethlehem. Journey to Bethlehem. 14p. Christmas 1988 19p Stamp (1988) Shepherds and Star. Find great deals on eBay for Christmas Postage Stamps in UK Stamp Collections and Lots. Shop with confidence. List of British postage stamps. Christmas 1966, 1 December (the first Christmas issue). 'Stamp World London 90' International Stamp Exhibition, London, 3 May; The Canada Post 1964 PS 14 states that Canada's 1964 issues are the first special.

" Although Canada produced a stamp bearing the words 'Xmas 1898' in. A Christmas stamp is a postage stamp with a Christmas theme, intended for use on seasonal. Jump up ^" Stamp Announcement 14-48: Christmas Magi Stamp". USPS. 2014-10-16. Retrieved 2015-08-06. Jump up ^" Stamp Announcement. List of postage stamps of Guernsey. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The first stamps issued by. 14p, 29p, 31p, 34p Christmas carols: 12 x 6p 1987: Definitive views: 11p 15p Europa, architecture: 2 x 15p 2 x 22p Edmund Andros 350: 15p, 29p, 31p, 34p William the Conqueror 900: Folklore 14p Stamp (1981) St Valentines Day.

Folklore 14p Stamp (1981) St Valentines Day. British stamps for 1988 1987 1989. The Linnean Society 1988 (January 19 1988) Commemorative. Stamp:. Stamp: Deep Blue, 14p: Bright Orange Red, 19p: Bright Green, 23p: Greenish Blue, 32p: First Day Cover:. Christmas 1988: First Day Cover: Christmas 1988: Collect GB Stamps Find 14p from a vast selection of Stamps.

Get great deals on eBay! Shop for the perfect christmas stamps 14p christmas stamp from our wide selection of designs, or create your own personalized gifts. 1981 - Britain" Christmas" Postage Stamps. In Stamps. Great Britain (UK) - Postage Stamps (Christmas Issues). (14) pence /" Jesus" by Tracy Jenkins British stamps for 1981 1980 1982.

Definitive 1981 (January 14 1981) Machin Definitive. Stamp:. Stamp: Blind Man with Guide Dog, 14p: Hands spelling 'Deaf' in Sign Language, 18p:. Stamp: Father Christmas, 11½p: Jesus Christ, 14p: Flying Angel, 18p: Buy Christmas Carols Stamp Now View Stamp Gallery. Celebrate the magic of the holiday season with festive stamps that translate the lyrics of four holiday classics.

Guernsey Stamps; Guernsey Stamps. Carols used to be written and sung during all four seasons, but only the 14p christmas stamp of singing them at Christmas has really survived.