About Scott

“I have a passion for justice. I believe the courtroom is a sacred space. If everyone buys into the process, a resolution is reached that satisfies all parties that they got a fair shake, regardless of the outcome. To live in a peaceful, civil society, we must respect the rule of law and the role of the courts as impartial adjudicators of our disputes. If elected I will ensure fair outcomes that honor the process.

We live in a time when truth has been called into question as has the idea of a shared reality. We need judges who see truth and understand reality. We need judges who value compassion and understand our shared humanity. To get the whole truth, you need to hear both sides. That means empowering the weaker voice, when necessary, to allow an equal say. 

As a criminal defense lawyer, I’ve fought a lot of uphill battles. I’ve tried to get the best outcome for my clients in very challenging situations. Having fought those battles for so long, I have the temperament, the know-how and the insight to be the kind of judge that I hoped would hear my cases.”

Scott Frankel’s experience makes him a well-rounded, seasoned and highly qualified candidate for Circuit Court Judge. He received a bachelor-of-arts degree from Oberlin College. He graduated from The Ohio State Law School with honors and served as editor-in-chief of the Ohio State Law Journal. After law school, Scott clerked for a federal district court judge, worked at Chicago law firm Mayer Brown, and then moved to the Cook County public defender’s office. Since 1992 he has been in private practice in a small firm. The focus of Scott’s practice is criminal defense, civil rights, and employment litigation. Scott has significant experience representing clients charged with serious felonies at the state and federal level, including white collar defendants. Scott’s practice also includes federal court cases in which he serves as appointed counsel for indigent clients.

Scott has spent 28 years defending clients facing charges in Cook County and federal courts, including more than 50 jury trials. Scott’s practice includes many briefs and arguments in the courts of appeal. Scott has defended individuals charged with capital offenses in state and federal courts and was certified by the Illinois Supreme Court to serve as lead counsel in death-penalty cases. He has obtained many favorable outcomes for his clients including jury trial victories and wins in the Illinois Appellate Court and the Illinois Supreme Court. Scott has handled numerous employment cases and civil litigation matters over the years, both in his current firm and at Mayer Brown.

Scott and his family have lived in Oak Park for 19 years; you may have seen Scott and Laurie walking their rescue dog, Penny. His children attended Oak Park public schools. His daughter Millie is a creative writing major and a junior at Oberlin College; his son Owen is a multi-instrument playing senior at Oak Park River Forest High School. Scott’s wife, Laurie Myers, teaches religious education and works at the Wednesday Journal. As a park district-level hockey player and volunteer in school and local organizations, including the Community Relations Commission, coaching his kids’ AYSO soccer teams and organizing the Beye School Book Fair, Scott’s roots in the community are deep. He is committed to working hard to be the passionate judge we need.