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Funny Christmas Tree Christmas Kitty Christmas Animals Cats In Christmas Trees Christmas Tree Cat Proof Holiday Tree Xmas Tree Christmas Lights Christmas Scenes Forward how to cat proof your tree. okay I have to admit I laughed. not at the cat in the tree. Cat Proof Crate Christmas Tree. Our family has four cats who last year practically destroyed our traditional Christmas Tree and. lights wrapped around from. Dec 14, 2015. Take care with lights. Place lights toward the center of the tree so that your cat is less tempted to chew on the wires and cover the end of the.

We have to hand it to them don't we, there's nothing shy about a cat. I went to bed on Christmas Eve, leaving a spectacular tree in the living room and came. But a small, light spray accompanied by a firm no, should give them the idea. 5. How Cat proof christmas tree lights Cat-Proof your Christmas Tree. We read a Wiki-How article written by cat owners about how to cat-proof your tree and here.

Simply unplug the lights from. How to Cat Proof Your Christmas Tree. to leap at or on the tree, a light spritz of water on its back and a stern" NO! ". article/a-cat-proof. Cat Proof Christmas Tree. Tips for Cat Proofing the Christmas Tree. after year when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree and hanging up your lights. Cat-proofing your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be boring or take away from your home’s Christmas cheer.

Yes, you must take precautions to keep your cat safe, and we have lots of great ideas for cat proofing your holiday decorations and home. But with a little creativity, you can actually make. Find this Pin and more on Cat Proofing The Christmas Tree by Long Island Cat Kitten Solution. How to: Cat-Proof your Christmas Tree! Curiosity killed the conifer. Nov 29, 2010 · Christmas tree made of acrylic cabachons, blue LEDs and computer controlled, color changing LED bulbs.

I can't have a real or fake tree with the cats, so I s. How to cat-proof your Christmas tree Brought to you by. Shares. Make sure the lights on your Christmas tree are well hidden away from sight. Hide excess flex in chew-proof plastic tubing. The good news is that with simple hacks shown in the pictures below, it's no longer necessary for you to choose between having a pet OR having a fabulous Christmas tree. Show Full Text Now go ahead and have yourself a Merry (Pet-Proof) Christmas!

With sparkling lights, glittery dangling ornaments and shiny strips of tinsel, Christmas Cat proof christmas tree lights are irresistible to most cats. Here are our tips to cat proof your Christmas tree and keep your cat safe this festive season. The ideal position for your Christmas tree is a room where you can shut the. Is your cat smitten by your Christmas tree – so intrigued that she clambers onto it, knocking.

How do I cat-proof a tree with tinsel, ornaments, and lights? Plan ahead to distract your cat from the yuletide favorite and you can prevent veterinary emergencies as well as losses of heirloom ornaments and rearrangement of tinsel and lights. Before you bring in the tree, have a few items ready to cat-proof that baby! Cat-Proof Christmas Tree Two or three lengths of fishing line can keep climbing cats or rambunctious kids from tipping your tree. Just tie one end of each line to the top of the tree and the other to something sturdy: a screw driven into an inconspicuous spot on the wall, moldings above windows or doors, or even a curtain rod.

How to cat-proof your Christmas tree Christmas trees can be deadly temptation for cats. How to keep Kitty safe this Holiday Season in spite of her curiosity Unfortunately, this dangerous situation is probably not what you had in mind when you set up your tree.

Here's how to have a cat-proof Christmas tree. If you love cats and Christmas, you'll want a Cat-Proof Christmas to keep your Christmas tree& decorations safe for (and from! ) your cat.

How to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree. Take care with lights. Place lights toward the center of the tree so that your cat is less tempted to chew on the wires and. Assembling The Cat Proof Christmas Tree Grab those string lights and wrap them around the the empty paper towel holder. Not all the way around, just the portion where the pom poms will go.

Keep your kitty — and your holiday decorations — safe with these tips for cat-proofing your Christmas. 5 ways to cat-proof your Christmas tree. And remember to unplug lights when you. Dec 12, 2008. This keeps the tree above their level and the cats won't be as interested.

4. Plug the tree lights into a short indoor extension cord and tape the. Dec 19, 2017. Cat-proof and dog-proof your Christmas tree with these tips. Finally, electrical wires for Christmas lights can also be a major danger chewing. How can the answer be improved? Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree!. about a foot from the top of the tree peering out among the lights and ornaments!. the Christmas Tree Defender and after. How we baby proof- puppy proof- cat proof our tree. Buy a garage. Dog proof your Christmas tree.

. Such a great tutorial for hanging Christmas tree lights! National Tree 36 Inch Boxwood Tree with 70 Clear Lights in Dark Green Growers Pot (LBX4-300-36). Artificial Christmas Tree Width.

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